Assignment for 2/16 and 2/18

This little girl’s name is Ana. Her grandmother gave her a kitten three days ago. This morning when she got up she could not find her kitten.

Imagine what she did when she woke up.

Where did she go? what did she do?

Write a very short story about her in the “leave a comment” link at the bottom of today’s blog entry written very small in red.

Write about her waking up and looking for her kitten. It should be at least 8 sentences long. Make the movie in your mind come to life by describing what she sees, touches, smells, feels.

You can make up any ending you want. You could use these sentence frames if you want:

“Ana woke up and____________, because_____________________.”

“Ana always__________________ when she woke up, but today she__________________.

If you get done before time is up you may go to these links for an activity.

link 1:  Roman numerals, click on “hint” on the bottom if you get stuck!

link 2: the Grammar Gorillas, try “easy” and “advanced”.

link 3: the apostrophe game.


13 Responses to “Assignment for 2/16 and 2/18”

  1. Ana woke up and she was freeked out because her little cat was gone she was sad after.

  2. Jasmin Galvan Says:

    Ana woke up and she told her mom,”Where is my kitty.” Then her mom told her if she slept with her but she said “I did not.”She went outside and looked for the kitty but it wasn’t outside.Then she went in all of the rooms in the house. She finally found the kitty she shouted,”My kitty.”She told her mom she found it but her mom wasn’t there she went with her dad and said where is mommy. Her dad said she went to COSTCO. Then her mom got home and Ana said “Mommy I found my kitty.”Her mom said”really where” then Ana said”in the bathroom sleeping.”

  3. Ana went to look for here kitten and she got lost.And later she didden’t know were she was.and fanally, they found here in the woods.and on here hands ther was here cat.and she went to sleep.

  4. Paola Barron Says:

    Ana woke up and said”were is my kitty cat. then,she looked in hear room. next, she told hear parents if they have seen hear cat.Next,she looked for him or hear. next,she told her sister if she new were hear cat was.Finally,she found hear cat in hear bathroom.

  5. Ana woke up and didn’t find her kitten. Ten she ate and started to look for her kitten at the park and on the street. She was very sad because that kitten was very speacial to her. She never found her kitten and she was upset. The little girl told her mom ” I am not going to sleep until I find the kitten”. Then her mom got mad at her and said ” honey you need your sleep, now go to bed.”Ana thought the kitten was out there in the real world and Ana was scared that she already died. Finally she went to sleep and in the morning she woke up and the kitten was there. Ana was happy and told her mom ” mom i have my kitten,it’s back. They were all happy.

  6. i think i it good that she lost her cats.when she look under her pillow they were cats killing her to death.with a lot of blood.when her mom came 2 her room she was died.

  7. That is sad that her pet got raned over with a car. Ana feels sad I balive .

  8. Edwin Hernandez Says:

    Ana woke up and her kitten wasn’t there so she went crying with grandmother she went to look outside and she wasn’t their so she went with here neighbor and she wasn’t there. She went to tell her mother but she went to work early and she left the door open and the kitten went outside. Ana called her mother but the electricity was out she went around the block and there she saw a mountain lion eating the kitten.The mountain lion was coming tore ana and the mountain lion jumped on her. But Ana had a pocket knife and stab the mountain lion on the stomach and he died. TO BE CONTINUED.

  9. I feel sorry for her but not that sorry.

    one day she woke up again and zombies attacked her then she found her cat
    in the zombie chamber but it was a zombie. her zombie cat sucked her blood. then she died. then a little boy named tobf got a bazooka and defeated all the zombies tobf was in quick sand and lived though but ghost ana and her cat haunted him for years until he died and became a snowman. then the cat became a movie star in someone’s body then a killer killed the cat and himself.
    2 years later dinosaurs ruled the earth and went on a time machine to kill all the presidents. after missles from mrarshans killed them all.

  10. Once upon a time there was a little girl that had a kitty she loved that cool little gray kitty it was 2 moths it was still little. One time mom asked dad to take the kids to the park ok said dad lets go but while thae kids were playing one of the girls came up and said dady can i take out the gray kitty dad said ok mama go now and hurry please she ran as fast as a jaguar and when she got there the kitty was not there she yeelled and dad heard hev thau6th that she was hurt but she told him what had happend they all looked all over the place but they dint find her she count go asleep all night her dad and mom had to sleep with her she

  11. she wokeup and started to look for her kitten but he found out that they cat nappd

  12. When Ana woke up and didn’t see her kitten she was wondering were it was at.
    She went down stair and said”Mom have you seen my kitten?”her mom answer”No I haven’t.Are you looking for it?”Ana respond”yeah but I can’t find it.Well to bad.”So she went to her room and put her head under pillow and the kitty was dead.

  13. Ana woke up and did’nt kind her kitten.Then she ate and went to the park looking for her kitten and on the street.She was so sad because that kitten was very special to Ana, grandmother gave the kitten to her. Ana never found her kitten and was very upset. The girl told her mom ” I’m not goning to sleep intill I find my kitten”. Then her mom got mad and said ” honey you need your sleep, now go to bed.Ana thought the kitten was out there in the real world. Out of the earth in outer space with aliens and roket ship. The next day Ana thougt she couldgo to space there her cay was almost dead.

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