Mission Power Point Assignment #2

Directions for today’s assignment: Mission San Antonio De Padua

1. Open a word processing document (NOT a powerpoint) by clicking Applications menu>Office>Open Office.org Word Processor. Minimize it and have it ready.

2. Go to this website by clicking here.

3. Scroll down the page until you get to a section called “Establishment of Mission San Antonio de Padua.”

4.Read the first three paragraphs (a total of 21 lines)

5.Maximize (bring back) your  word processing document. Think of what you just read and the description of the priests taking out and Junipero ringing the bell. Write in your own words why you think Junipero rang the bell and describe what happened. (2-6 sentences)

6. Save your writing to the documents folder and call it “Padua mission (your name)”

7. Find an image on this site that you think fits your writing, (there are many links on the left side) save the image to the Documents folder.

Today’s Learning Link if you get done before time: click here:

It’s an interactive lesson on story, setting, plot and character, using “Cinderella”. There are many parts to it, you might need to finish it another day. Requires headphones!


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