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Reading from the internet #2

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Californians in 1846 hoped to make California a Republic, but instead, in 1850 it became a state.

1. Go to this webpage and read it.

2. Download the worksheet here and follow directions.

3. Go to this site when you are done.


Reading from the Internet #1

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1.Download the worksheet by clicking here, open it, then minimize it.

2. Go to the website by clicking here. Follow directions on the worksheet, show it to Mr. Litt to check off when done.

3. When you are done, go to this link.

4. When you are done with that link go to this link.

5. When you are done with that link go to this link.

Mission Assinment #10

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1. Make a new slide on your power point that says this: What  was  life like on the Missions?

2. Make another new slide that says this: Life  for the natives was hard with a lot of work and no freedom to leave the Missions. They could not leave to go hunting or do anything they used to.

3. Using these sites listed below, save some pictures and put them on the slides of your power point wherever you think they go well.

4. Go back over your powerpoint and make sure the letters are big enough,words and images are placed well.

Links for Learning

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Go to this link first:

Link 1

Then go to this link next:

Link 2

Finish the series with this link:

Link 3

Then go to this link to learn and watch:

Link 4

Mission Assignment #9

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1.Go to this web page by clicking here.

2. Go to a word processing document by opening Applications>Office>Open Word Processor.

3. Go to the webpage and read some of it. On the word processing document, make a list of at least 5 words you do not understand from the web page.

4. Go to this online dictionary by clicking here and write the definitions of the words on the word processing document.