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Fourth Grade Assignment #4

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1. Type this onto a word processing document. See if you can find the 10 mistakes while typing.

In February 1893, Thomas Edison opened the first movie set. Edisons studio, witch was only 50 feet long, could be turned easily so the son were always shining on it, one of Edison’s earlyist films was called Fred Ott’s Sneeze.” Others’ featured Annie Oakley and stars from Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. Movies sure have changed a lot since the days of Thomas Edison!

2. Go to this website and do the reading exercises.

3. Go to this website for word practice


4th Grade Assignment #4

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1. Type this paragraph on a word processing document as keyboarding practice. Try to find the 10 mistakes.You can see the ten mistakes here when you are finished.

Weather he is dangle from a balloon or searching for honey, Winnie The Pooh is a favorite character of young reeders. Pooh was created by author A. A. Milne, who was born in January 18, 1882. The Pooh character was inspired by Milnes son, Christopher Robin, and the boys stuffed bear. Other character in the Pooh storys came from his son’s toy collection, but the tiger named Tigger were actually patterned after a lively dog!

2. Download the worksheet by clicking here.

3. Go to the website by clicking here.

4. When you are done, go here.

4th Grade Assignment #3

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1. First, type the passage below on a word processing document for keyboarding practice. See if you can find the 10 errors.

On January 24, 1848 a discovery in a river near Coloma, California changed the course of that territory for ever. While building a saw mill, James Wilson Marshall found a golden nugget by accident. All though the mill owner tryed to keep the find a secret, news of the discovery soon started what is know as the “California Gold Rush” by 1850, so many people live in California that it became the 31st state of the United States.

2. Go to this link for some spelling practice.

Assignment 5/7/10

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1. Write me a short letter about the field trip to Mission San Francisco.

In your letter write me about these things:

I want to know two things you learned.

I would like to know one thing that surprised you.

I would like to know one thing I should look for when I go there.

2. When you are done, minimize your letter and do not close it. Show it to me for check off.

3. Go to this link after you are done.

Assignment for 5/4/10

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1. Open a word processing document and minimize it.

2. Make this window small enough to have it open at the same time as the word processor.

3.Type the “Everyday edits” below on the word processing document. Try to find and correct the 10 mistakes in the grammar of the writing below.

Everyday Edit #1: Type on a word processing document.

Do you own a Pluto Platter. if you have a Frisbee in you’re closet, you do! The original flying discs was actually pie tins from a bakery. In 1948, Fred Morrison manufacture the first flying discs made of plastic. Then, in January 1957, a company called Wham-O introduced the Pluto Platter. The Pluto Platter was later renamed the “Frisbee” its estimated that more Frisbee’s are sold each year than basketballs baseballs and footballs combined!