Assignment for 5/4/10

1. Open a word processing document and minimize it.

2. Make this window small enough to have it open at the same time as the word processor.

3.Type the “Everyday edits” below on the word processing document. Try to find and correct the 10 mistakes in the grammar of the writing below.

Everyday Edit #1: Type on a word processing document.

Do you own a Pluto Platter. if you have a Frisbee in you’re closet, you do! The original flying discs was actually pie tins from a bakery. In 1948, Fred Morrison manufacture the first flying discs made of plastic. Then, in January 1957, a company called Wham-O introduced the Pluto Platter. The Pluto Platter was later renamed the “Frisbee” its estimated that more Frisbee’s are sold each year than basketballs baseballs and footballs combined!


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