4th Grade Assignment #11

Mini Quiz: Write the answer in the “mini quiz” box on your sheet.

1.How do you put your name and date in the left, top part of a document?

Assignment; Use your guide to help you.

2. Write the learning goal from the wall.

3. Open a new word document.

4. Put your name and date on the document like it is on page 2 of the guide. Use 12 point Times New Roman font

5. Type the answer to this question on your document (do not type the question, just the answer): Can you tell me one thing you learned about the Miwoks??

6. Save the document IN THE DOCUMENTS FOLDER with your name and “miwok” (example: robertmiwok)

7. Close the document.

8. Tell me in a simple list how you save a document on the “Decribe what computer tasks you did…” box on your sheet.

Click here for Dance Mat.

Click here for Multiplication.com


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