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5th Grade Assignment #15

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Learning targets:

*Enter data into a spreadsheet.

*Use a spreadsheet as a calculator

*Learn cell names


We are going to use spreadsheets today and go shopping, one more time. Put your imagination on to have some fun while learning about spreadsheets! We are going to go on an imaginary shopping spree one more time!

1. download the spreadsheet from this site here. The spreadsheet is called “shopping.xls”  Download it, minimize it and have it ready.Spreadsheet download click here.

2, Go to either one of these shopping sites and find fifteen items you would like to have. Put a short name for the item in the “A” column and the price for each item in the “E” column. DO NOT PUT A DOLLAR SIGN FOR THE PRICE, THE SPREADSHEET ADDS IT FOR YOU. PUT THE PRICE WITH A DECIMAL AND PRESS ENTER. EToys click here. Target click here.

3. When you are done, download the worksheet here,answer the questions and follow directions on it.


4th Grade Assignment #19

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Learning Targets for Today:

*Download and open a word document (worksheet) from this blog

*Edit your writing for capitals and periods,

*Make writing Bold, Italic or underlined

*Listen to a story for understanding


1. Keyboard from Typeonline first for five minutes. Typeonline click here.

2. Keyboard from Dance mat typing for five minutes. Dance mat Click here.

3. Download the worksheet, then minimize it, so it is ready to go to. Use your guide if you do not remember how. Worksheet click here.

4. Go to this site and listen to Chapter 1 of “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” by Judy Blume. Podcast site click here.

5. Answer the questions on the worksheet about Chapter !.

6. Re-read your answers and make sure you capitalize the beginnings of sentences and names.

7. Make your answers on the worksheet bold and italic so they look like this. I gave you a guide on how to do this. We do this so the teacher can easily tell the difference between your answer and the worksheet question.

Do not download these, they are digital copies for the future. Guide click here.

4th Grade Assignment #18

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Today I want you to write a simple friendly letter.

1. Listen to the full peter rabbit story. It is on the podcast site and it is called “The Full Peter Rabbit Story”. Podcast site click here.

2. Pretend you can write a letter to Peter Rabbit. Write him a short letter and tell him why he should stay out of Mr.. MacGregor’s garden.

Use your guide and open a new word document.

3. Hold the “Five Parts of a Letter ” guide in your hand. Write your letter to Peter Rabbit as a friendly letter with all five parts.

Your “enter” key brings you down to type on the next line. The “tab” key brings you over to the right.

4. Print it when you are done

Do not download, friendly letterr guide here.

5th Grade Assignment #13

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1. For keyboarding today we are going to write a friendly letter. Here is a guide to the five parts of a friendly letter, use the paper one I gave you or open the digital one here.

2. When we are done with the letter, we are going to try an activity that uses a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets are used to keep track of money and make lists. They are very different than word documents.

To learn about spreadsheets, you are going to use one. This activity has a spreadsheet you use to estimate how much you’ve spent while you go shopping.

Go to the website link and follow directions from Mr. Litt. Website click here.

Use their online interactive spreadsheet to do the activity..  Interactive spreadsheet click here.

6th Grade Assignment #1

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Read and follow directions carefully:

1. Look at the guide in your hand. It shows you how to do many basic things on our computers. Read it over once.

2. Use the guide and download this worksheet. Open it and then minimize it so you can come back to it. Worksheet here.

3. Listen to the podcast called “The Importance of Following Directions” It is not the first podcast on top of the page, look for it. It is four minutes long.  You will need headphones Podcast site click here.

4. Go back to the worksheet by clicking on the window list and answer the questions on the worksheet. Listen to the podcast another time if you need to. You can click on anypart of it, you do not have to listen to the whole podcast.

5. When you are done make sure your name is on it and print it. Got to “File” on the menu bar, then “Print”. Press OK on the Print window.

4th Grade Assignment #17

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You will have to go back and forth between other tabs on Firefox and this blog to follow directions. Ask if you do not know how to do this.

1. Click on the link given here for the STAR Reading test. Click on Student and log in. Your username is your FIRST INITIAL AND THE FIRST 4 LETTERS OF YOUR LAST NAME, ALL TOGETHER, LOWER CASE. (Example: Walter Disney = wdisn) Password is read. STAR Reading link click here.

2. When you are on the page, go to STAR Reading and under it says “Take a Test”. Click on that link and take the test. IT IS THE CHOICE AT THE BOTTOM.

When you are done, keep following directions on this blog.

3. Get your headphones on and go to this site. Find the “Listen now” button under the entry titled “Peter Rabbit”. Listen to the story all the way first.

4.Complete the worksheet from what you heard in the story. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST A SECOND TIME. Pause it to write answers as you need. Show it to Mr. Litt to check it. Listen to the story as many times as you need to do the worksheet right.

5..When you are done with the quiz, click on this link here to go to keyboarding.

4.In the event there is time, click here to go to a multiplication game page.

5th Grade Assignment #12

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Follow sirections step by step carefully today.

1. Download a spreadsheet from this site called “number clue story.xls”. Make sure you choose the right file and make sure you save the file, then open it. Spreadsheet click here..

2. Listen to a podcast for a stroy and directions.The podcast is called”5th Grade Spreadsheet addition podcast story”.  Podcast site click here.

3. Put the numbers in the right cells from the podcast story. Select the answer cell and make an addition formula using the guide.

4. Go to the worksheet and answer the questions, when you are done show Mr. Litt the spreadsheet and hand in the worksheet.

5. Keyboard at your level if there is time.

These files do not download, you have paper versions. Worksheet Guide.