4th Grade Assignment #17


You will have to go back and forth between other tabs on Firefox and this blog to follow directions. Ask if you do not know how to do this.

1. Click on the link given here for the STAR Reading test. Click on Student and log in. Your username is your FIRST INITIAL AND THE FIRST 4 LETTERS OF YOUR LAST NAME, ALL TOGETHER, LOWER CASE. (Example: Walter Disney = wdisn) Password is read. STAR Reading link click here.

2. When you are on the page, go to STAR Reading and under it says “Take a Test”. Click on that link and take the test. IT IS THE CHOICE AT THE BOTTOM.

When you are done, keep following directions on this blog.

3. Get your headphones on and go to this site. Find the “Listen now” button under the entry titled “Peter Rabbit”. Listen to the story all the way first.

4.Complete the worksheet from what you heard in the story. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST A SECOND TIME. Pause it to write answers as you need. Show it to Mr. Litt to check it. Listen to the story as many times as you need to do the worksheet right.

5..When you are done with the quiz, click on this link here to go to keyboarding.

4.In the event there is time, click here to go to a multiplication game page.


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