4th Grade Assignment #19

Learning Targets for Today:

*Download and open a word document (worksheet) from this blog

*Edit your writing for capitals and periods,

*Make writing Bold, Italic or underlined

*Listen to a story for understanding


1. Keyboard from Typeonline first for five minutes. Typeonline click here.

2. Keyboard from Dance mat typing for five minutes. Dance mat Click here.

3. Download the worksheet, then minimize it, so it is ready to go to. Use your guide if you do not remember how. Worksheet click here.

4. Go to this site and listen to Chapter 1 of “Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing” by Judy Blume. Podcast site click here.

5. Answer the questions on the worksheet about Chapter !.

6. Re-read your answers and make sure you capitalize the beginnings of sentences and names.

7. Make your answers on the worksheet bold and italic so they look like this. I gave you a guide on how to do this. We do this so the teacher can easily tell the difference between your answer and the worksheet question.

Do not download these, they are digital copies for the future. Guide click here.


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