5th Grade Assignment #15

Learning targets:

*Enter data into a spreadsheet.

*Use a spreadsheet as a calculator

*Learn cell names


We are going to use spreadsheets today and go shopping, one more time. Put your imagination on to have some fun while learning about spreadsheets! We are going to go on an imaginary shopping spree one more time!

1. download the spreadsheet from this site here. The spreadsheet is called “shopping.xls”  Download it, minimize it and have it ready.Spreadsheet download click here.

2, Go to either one of these shopping sites and find fifteen items you would like to have. Put a short name for the item in the “A” column and the price for each item in the “E” column. DO NOT PUT A DOLLAR SIGN FOR THE PRICE, THE SPREADSHEET ADDS IT FOR YOU. PUT THE PRICE WITH A DECIMAL AND PRESS ENTER. EToys click here. Target click here.

3. When you are done, download the worksheet here,answer the questions and follow directions on it.


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