6th Grade Assignment #1

Learning Goal: Read and follow directions carefully:

1. Look at the guide in your hand. It has many directions, more than you need for today. Find the section on downloading a worksheet from the blog.

2. Use the guide and download this worksheet. Open it and then minimize it so you can come back to it. Worksheet here.

3. Listen to the podcast called “following Directions” It is four minutes long.  You will need headphones There are many podcasts on the site make sure you listen to the one called ” The Importance of Following Directions”. Podcast site click here.

4. Go back to the worksheet by clicking on the window list and answer the questions on the worksheet.

5. When you are done make sure your name is on it and print it. Got to “File” on the menu bar, then “Print”. Press OK on the Print window.

6. If there is time go to Damce Mat Typing


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