6th Gr. Assignment #2

Learning goal:

Use guides to learn new computer tasks.

Follow directions independently and precisely.

1. Download the worksheet by clicking on the link. Follow directions from the guide to do this if you need. Worksheet click here.

2. Go to the podcast called “Using a Guide. There are many podcasts on this web page , make sure you listen to “Using a Guide”. Listen to the podcast all the way. Podcast site click here.

3. Now bring back the worksheet on your screen and, using the window list go back and forth between the worksheet and the podcast. Read a question on the worksheet, then listen to the podcast again to answer questions. You can skip around the podcast by moving the cursor. Be careful to give me precise answers, PLEASE DO NOT GUESS AT THEM, LISTEN TO THE PODCAST FOR THE RIGHT ANSWERS.

4.When you are done make your answers bold and italic, YOUR ANSWERS ONLY, NOT THE QUESTIONS.Use the guide page for that if you do not know how. Then save it to the documents folder with your name and the word “guide”(Example: robertguide).


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