5th Gr. Assignment #17

Learning goals: Re-read your writing to find mistakes.

Follow these directions:

1. Open an Open Office Word Processing Document.

2. Copy and paste ONE of the story starters below in red.

3. Use your imagination and write a simple 8 line story about the little girl in the picture, using one of the story starters as your first sentence.

4. When you are done, carefully re-read your story to find and correct these things:

Capital letter mistakes

Spelling mistakes.

Sentences that do not make sense when you read them out loud to yourself.

5. Print your story with your name when you are done.

Story Starters: (Select, copy and paste only ONE)

Her name is Ana, she is standing outside because she ran out of the house when she saw her grandmother.

Ana stood in the road thinking. She was lost. All because she ran outside looking for her kitten.

I thought to myself, “When Ana looks at you that way, you know she is going tell you one thing and do another. Children can be difficult to babysit, especially when you are cousins and met only for the first time, today.”


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