4th Gr. Assignment #31

Learning Goal: Students will learn by exploring and doing:.

Students will know how to open a new presentation, insert text insert images and change slide colors on a presentation program.


1. Make sure to have the guide in your hands.. Go to the podcast and have it ready. The podcast gives you instructions on how to do today’s task. The podcast is called “Presentation Guide 1.” Podcast site click here.

2. You are going to practice making a one slide presentation like the example Mr. Litt showed you. Follow the guide and/ or the podcast to help you.

Do these four things:

open a new presentation,

insert the words below in green into your slide,

insert the image on this post

and change the slide background color.

Text to put onto presentation:

Question: What cities in California are named after the mission that was there?

Answer: Many cities still are three examples are Santa Barbabra, San Rafael and San Francisco.


3. Show it to Mr. Litt when you are done for check off

Example presentation here, do not download.


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