6th Grade Assignment #5

Learning Goal: Scan web sites to find information. Know what is being looked for ahead of time to focus the search for information from a web site. Practice basic presentation program skills.


1. You are going to go to a web site on amphibians that live in Point Reyes CA, not far from here. You will be making a presentation on

a. What an amphibian is.

b. What amphibians live in Point Reyes.

Look at the presentation map sheet before going to the web site. Think about what you will be looking for . Go to the web site and write answers you find on the presentation map sheet.

2. Make a simple four slide presentation on Amphibians in Point Reyes from what you found. You may search for images for your slides as part of making you presentation.

Point Reyes amphibians web site click here

digital copy of presentation map


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