4th Gr. Assignment #37 & 5th Gr. Assignment #21

Learning Goal:

*Learn the 5 parts of a friendly letter.

*Learn how to use the spell check tool on a word processing program.


We are going to learn something simple, then write your teacher about it.

1. Download this slide here to learn something to write your teacher about. Follow Mr. Litt’s directions.

2. Now we are going to write a letter to your teacher about what we learned.

Here is a guide to the five parts of a friendly letter, use the paper one I gave you or open the digital version of the guide here.

Open a new word document to write the letter on and be ready to follow Mr. Litt’s directions.

3. When you are done writing the letter, go to menu Tools> Spelling and Grammar. Run a spellcheck on your letter. Try it, Mr. Litt will also go over it as a class.

4. When you are done, get permission, then print it..


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