4th Grade Assignment #38 For Guest Teacher 4/1 and 4/4


Read directions carefully, stay focused on activities.

1. Go to the Keyboarding links page. Do some focused keyboarding practice for 10 minutes on Typeonline. Then do keyboarding Games for 5 minutes.

2. Get headphones ready, and go to this site here, called Math Live!. After the intro, click on the really small link on the bottom that says “LESSONS:. Go to the “MULTIPLICATION OF WHOLE NUMBERS” lesson. You have to click on the green arrow on the bottom of the screen often. Really do each step, listen and take your time.

3. When you are done do the “PLACE VALUE” Lesson. If you are bored, choose one yourself!

3. Go to this page here to learn about UNIT PRICES of things you buy. Then go here to play the UNIT PRICE GAME. You may use the  calculator on the computer, go to Applications>Accessories?Calculator.


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