4th Grade Assignment #39

Learning Goals:

*Get information from web pages

*Read headings to narrow your search for information.

*Practice basic presentation program skills


Activity One:

1.Download the worksheet by clicking here, open it, minimize it so it is ready.

2. Read the worksheet to understand what is asked of you. Ask questions if you do not understand.

3. Go to the website listed here.You will need to go back and forth between the website and the worksheet. Your job is to read headings to find information easily on a long website. Website click here.

Activity Two

1. Open a new, blank presentation.

2. Put these words on the slide. You do that by inserting a text box first. Then copy the words here and paste them into a text box on your presentation.

More than 80% of the gold in the Mother Lode is still yet to be found, today. If you pan for  gold, you might find some.

3. Download the image from this blog entry above. You do that by clicking on the image above, then right clicking on it and selecting “save image as”. Once it is saved, insert it into your presentation slide.

4. Make the words  and image large enough to see clearly, and change the background and font colors to make the slide readable and easy to look at.

Look at this model:


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