4th Gr. Assignment #42

Follow directions step by step carefully today.

1. Download a spreadsheet from this site called “number clue story.xls”. The link to download the file is small and says “download”. Click on it when you find it, make sure you save the file, then open it.Spreadsheet click here.

2. Listen to a podcast for a story and directions.The podcast is called”5th Grade Spreadsheet addition podcast story”.  Podcast site click here.

3. Put the numbers in the right cells from the podcast story. Select the answer cell and make an addition formula using the guide.

Guide for spreadsheet addition click here.

4. Go to the worksheet and answer the questions, when you are done show Mr. Litt the spreadsheet.

Worksheet click here

5. Keyboard at your level if there is time.

These files do not download, you have paper versions. 


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