6th Grade Assignment #7 and 4th Grade #44

Learning Goal:

Make a chart from a spreadsheet.

Understand why visual representations of numbers are made.


1. Get the story first! You are going to listen to a podcast story while looking at the image the is posted on this blog entry. Go to the link where the podcast is,start it, then go back to the blog tab and click on the image of the spreadsheet so you can see it. Podcast click here.

2. Go to a NEW spreadsheet. you do that by going to Applications>Office>Open Office.Org Spreadsheet. Make a spreadsheet yourself with the data that is given to you about the candy sales on the podcast and the image on this blog entry. Use the image to get the numbers for the spreadsheet or use the podcast.

3. Using the guide posted here, make a simple graph of the candy sales. Guide Click here.

4. Get your journal and write a reflection on what you did. Answer these specifically:

a.) Make a list of the steps you did to make a graph. Try to remember on your own, but look at the guide if you need to, or to check your answer.

b.) How does a graph help show Jonathan’s older brother easily which candy should not be bought anymore for their sales?


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